How we started

About CQ Marketing

It all started with one simple goal: to establish a connection between the business and the customer. Both my parents own their own successful businesses, but they were struggling with the marketing and advertising end of things. That’s when I stepped in! I personally designed the brands, business cards, websites, marketing assets, and more for both my parents’ businesses. I enjoyed marketing so much that it became a passion of mine; one that I wanted to share with the world.

Our goal is still simple. We connect you to your future customers.

Our goal has remained simple throughout the years: to connect you with your future customers. As our business expanded, so did our passion and dedication to our clients. We established genuine relationships with our clients, launching campaigns that spoke to the essence of their brands and delivering undeniable results. Our client base began to grow and with it our need for talented and motivated staff.

Now, our team unites graphic artists, developers, copywriters, video producers, social media specialists, SEO specialists, and more; all committed to helping you accomplish your most essential business needs. Our combined knowledge, experience, passion, and drive will be put to work, as we aim to jumpstart your business marketing and help you reach that same goal, I had for my parents so long ago: To get you more customers that will love your brand.

Our Leadership Team

Cesar Q.

Cesar Q.

Founder & CEO

Digital Marketer
Branding Strategist
Graphic Designer
Web Design & Developer
E-Commerce Specialist
SEO Specialist

Laura B.

Laura B.

Co-Founder & COO

Digital Marketer
Music Marketing Specialist
Social Media Specialist
Ads Manager
Content Strategist
E-mail Marketer

Stephanie D.

Stephanie D.

Copywriter & Content Director

Copywriting Specialist
Digital Marketer
Social Media Specialist
E-mail Marketer
Content Creator
Communication Pro.

Kevin P.

Kevin P.

Creative Director & Producer

Digital Marketer
Media Wizard



Chief Play Officer

Digital Influencer
Master Goodboy
Relaxation Specialist
Happiness Manager
Photo & Video Model
Tugging Specialist

Our Values

These are the main qualities that make us who we are as individuals and as a company made to serve you.


We love what we do, and because of that we give our best every single time, we learn more every day, improve consistently and maintain a level of excitement that will surprise you. If you love what you do as well, we want to work with you.


The sky is the limit. When it comes to thinking outside the box we can create anything you need from the simplest of concepts to your wildest and most complex ideas. It’s not just about having ideas, being creative is about having the ability to make those ideas happen.

That’s where we come in.


What we do, we do well. Our brand is represented with every project we deliver. So for us, your business is our canvas waiting to become our next masterpiece. This is why quality control is at the forefront of our business. Do it right the first time or you will have to do it again. We live by this and encourage our clients to do the same.

Problem Solving

We love finding solutions to every problem. There is always a better way, and our research and development abilities have made it so that even if we do not have solutions, we can find them, or even create them. There is nothing impossible or unsolvable.


Work hard, play harder. As business owners or operators, it is important to find a balance between work and life. Our team focuses on having fun every step of the way, and we make sure you have fun with your brand as well. I’m not saying this journey will be easy, I’m saying we help make it fun on the way.

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